Art Photography or Commercial Photography?

My name is Bruce Wang and I have been taking photos for over 50 years, I take mostly B&W portraits with a DSLR.

I have an online shop: where A3 prints sell for £45 each.

Models/sitters come to me by my invitation. Photo or Video shoots are from £50.00

From the 1st of May 2019, I am having an exhibition— “About Face” to be shown at the Outpost Gallery, 546 Holloway Road, London N7 6JP.  My work has been praised for its “Honesty and Realness”.

If you feel you have an interesting face or life and want to be photographed by me, for free…get on my website and write to me.

Shop for prints online at

Shop for my latest Drag King series of books here

Please also visit my new Website

Call Me : +44 7724 596851 UK MOBILE

From Naomi:

I find that if I try to produce art with an audience in mind, something gets lost and I don’t produce my best work. I try to keep the faith that the very personal journey I take, with my art, might be recognised by another. One human being truly relating to another and knowing that in life’s journey, they’re not alone. That’s the kind of art I appreciate the most. I don’t mind if it generates less pleasant feelings, maybe it challenges me; it’s all important and what art does so well. I feel there is an autobiographical element to your work though. When I look at your images, I see someone who is seeking connection and to document a range of facets of humanity. How each of us seek to present to the world, in order to tell a story about ourselves, in order to determine identity as an individual and as part of a group. I’m also very struck by how you make yourself vulnerable, by inviting strangers into your home, there’s something very significant about that. There’s an element of trust, in your process, which is rare and refreshing. Gosh, this all sounds very deep, but it is good to explore our creative processes and what it is that motivates us.